Thursday, 9 August 2012

1.extractk maniefest files from the opera to a new folder
 please change midlet name as below

MIDlet-1: opera 6.5 handler, /i.png,  b  to
MIDlet-1: opera 6.5 handler, /i.png, 'xr'

2. Please open your xr.class with class editor,
and then search text CODE
then push the arrow to the right on a time and you will see the letter 'b'
Signs still remain capitalized if 'b' to clicks on save, if not, please change the 'browser' to 'b'

3.and then please open your rms edit.0.4.8..
find where you save the file to be edited into a file i.
please tick resource,b_8 and b_6  and save 
and then find folder where u want to save
and then please put name document to 'i'
and then save..

see picture for more clear

after that, please open the file 'i' that was stored earlier using the class.editor
strart mark from RMS-RESOURCE (24 BYTE)
and then,please remove it..

and then search hex..04002b
please change this hex to 000000,
and please see below hex I have replaced earlier
start mark from 00,00,00,05,00,2B,00,00,00.00(10byte) and remove...

then please search hex 03002B and please mark from 00,00,00,03,00,2B (6byte) and remove..

search hex 02002B and start mark from 00000002002B (6byte) and remove ..
and save

last step,repack 'i' , xr.class and '' to opera mini 6.5..

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